Larose (E3-8)

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This 148-acre site is approximately 28 km SE of Bashaw and consists of native parkland habitat. Travel E on Highway 53 from Bashaw to Highway 56. Travel 8.5 km S on Highway 56 to the site on the E side of the highway. Wildlife in the area includes white-tailed and mule deer and grouse.


Day use only. No open fires. Foot access only. Do not use the driveway or approach associated with the privately-owned acreage near the SE corner of the site. Call 403-352-9395 for more information.


Alberta Conservation Association, Ducks Unlimited Canada, Nature Conservancy of Canada

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Make sure you have the latest Hunting and Sportfishing Regulations.

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Do not target practice or sight in firearms on conservation sites. For the safety and enjoyment of all users and neighbouring residences, conduct these activities at a gun range. Baiting to attract wildlife for any purpose is prohibited unless with the expressed written permission by ACA or its partners.