Raven River 2 (E3-177)

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This 42-acre site along the Raven River is approximately 41 km SE of Rocky Mountain House. Cattle exclusion fencing constructed along the Raven River has improved riparian and instream habitats. The Raven River provides good angling opportunities for brown trout, brook trout and mountain whitefish. This site is sandwiched by private lands participating in ACA’s Riparian Program, conserving a continuous 14 km stretch of pristine Raven River. Anglers and hunters must remain within the fenced corridor or obtain permission to do otherwise. For more information on access to the Raven River, visit www.ab-conservation.com/programs/fish/raven-river/


Day use only. No open fires. Foot access only. Refer to AEP's website for information about recreation on agricultural public land.


Alberta Conservation Association, Government of Alberta

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Pt. NE-11-036-04-W5M

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Do not target practice or sight in firearms on conservation sites. For the safety and enjoyment of all users and neighbouring residences, conduct these activities at a gun range. Baiting to attract wildlife for any purpose is prohibited unless with the expressed written permission by ACA or its partners.