Silverberry (D4-89)

Site Details

This 2,100-acre site is approximately 12 km NE of Myrnam. It can be accessed from RR 74, 80, and 81, and from Twp Rd 554. Horseback riders can enjoy designated equine trails that have been restored and are maintained by the Alberta Trail Riding Association. Look for the staging areas on RR 80 and 81. A large waterbody lies in its centre, and a DUC water-controlled structure has created an excellent waterfowl marsh W of the lake. Mature aspen and white spruce surround much of the waterbody, and the site is otherwise covered by open fields with small patches of forest scattered throughout. Wildlife in the area includes moose, white-tailed and mule deer, black bear and upland game birds.


Day use only. No open fires. Foot access only with the exception of horseback riding or snowmobile use on designated trails for those activities and vehicle use on road allowances.


Alberta Conservation Association, Alberta Fish & Game Association, Alberta Trail Riding Association, Ducks Unlimited Canada, Government of Alberta

Quarter Sections

NW/NE-29-054-07-W4M, NW/NE/SW/SE-30-054-07-W4M, SW/SE-31-054-07-W4M, SW-32-054-07-W4M, NW/NE/SW/SE-25-054-08-W4M

Wildlife Management Units


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Do not target practice or sight in firearms on conservation sites. For the safety and enjoyment of all users and neighbouring residences, conduct these activities at a gun range. Baiting to attract wildlife for any purpose is prohibited unless with the expressed written permission by ACA or its partners.