Fort Lions Community Fish Pond at West River's Edge - ACA Fish Stocking (D3-168)

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This pond is in the SW corner of Fort Saskatchewan's West River's Edge Recreational Area. Accessible off Highway 21, this recreational area is maintained and managed by the city of Fort Saskatchewan. This pond is stocked with trout by ACA.

Testing by Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) of the Fort Lions Community Fish Pond at West River's Edge Pond has detected whirling disease in the sediment and some of the trout sampled from the pond. Whirling disease poses no threat to human health, but has the potential to negatively impact native trout and whitefish populations. To reduce the risk of spread of this disease AEP, in consultation with Alberta Conservation Association (ACA), has decided to stock yellow perch instead of rainbow trout at this location in 2018. Yellow perch are not infected by whirling disease and will not spread the disease should there be fish escapement. A longer-term strategy for managing the disease risk at Fort Lions Community Fish Pond will be developed; however, at this point AEP and ACA believe that stocking perch strikes a balance between reducing the risk of disease spread and maintaining an angling opportunity at this popular community pond.

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Day use only. No open fires. Foot access only.


Alberta Conservation Association, City of Fort Saskatchewan, Fort Saskatchewan Lions Club

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Located in Fort Saskatchewan's West River's Edge Recreational Area

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