Golden Ranches (D3-137)

Site Details

This 1,407-acre site is 15 km NW of Tofield along the E shore of Cooking Lake. It can be accessed from RR 205, 210 or 211 or by Twp Rd 513A, 514 or 515. A private driveway leads to the two quarter sections (SW/SE-36-051-21-W4M) that are privately owned and not part of the site. The portion of NE-25-051-21-W4M lying N of the driveway is also privately owned and not part of the site. Located in the heart of the Cooking Lake Moraine, the site features an impressive 8 km of shoreline and provides an opportunity to view rare avian species, waterfowl and other water birds staging on the lake during migration. The upland habitat is a mixture of mature aspen forest and open grassland, providing habitat for wildlife including moose, white-tailed and mule deer, elk and grouse.


Day use only. No open fires. Foot access only.


Alberta Conservation Association, Alberta Fish & Game Association, Ducks Unlimited Canada, Edmonton and Area Land Trust, Matrix Solutions Inc., Nature Conservancy of Canada, Suncor Energy Foundation, Syncrude Canada Ltd.

Quarter Sections

NE-30-051-20-W4M, NW/SW/SE-31-051-20-W4M, NW-24-051-21-W4M, NW/NE/SW/SE-25-051-21-W4M, NE/SE-35-051-21-W4M, NW/NE-36-051-21-W4M

Wildlife Management Units


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Do not target practice or sight in firearms on conservation sites. For the safety and enjoyment of all users and neighbouring residences, conduct these activities at a gun range. Baiting to attract wildlife for any purpose is prohibited unless with the expressed written permission by ACA or its partners.