Sulphur Lake - Lake Aeration (C1-87)

Site Details

This lake, approximately 48 km SW of Manning, is stocked annually by AEP with trout and aerated (October - April) through ACA’s Lake Aeration Program.


This site is in the Sulphur Lake Provincial Recreation Area and subject to its rules and regulations.


Alberta Conservation Association, Alberta Environment and Parks, Clear Hills County, Mercer Peace River

Quarter Sections

NW/SW-07-089-02-W6M, NE-12-089-03-W6M

Wildlife Management Units


Season of Aeration


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Do not target practice or sight in firearms on conservation sites. For the safety and enjoyment of all users and neighbouring residences, conduct these activities at a gun range. Baiting to attract wildlife for any purpose is prohibited unless with the expressed written permission by ACA or its partners.